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Empty Legs

When our private jets are booked for a one way flight the return journey is classed as an ‘empty leg’ flight due to no passengers being on board. The aircraft will fly ‘empty’ to either collect its next passengers, or return to its previous destination.

We regularly have empty legs available at significantly reduced rates of a normal private jet charter.

If you need to travel in the same general direction as our empty leg flights we will endeavour to reschedule our flight to meet your exact requirements.

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Date From To Aircraft Price From (GBP)*
Thu 29 Mar 2018 Malage Stansted Learjet 75 £ 6,500
Thu 29 Mar 2018 Biggin Hill Chester Learjet 75 £ 2,275
Thu 29 Mar 2018 Faro Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 6,750
Fri 20 Apr 2018 Biggin Hill Birmingham Learjet 75 £ 1,550
Sun 22 Apr 2018 Birmingham Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 1,550
Sat 12 May 2018 Venice Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 4,650
Wed 16 May 2018 Biggin Hill Venice Learjet 75 £ 5,400
Thu 24 May 2018 Gdansk, Poland Biggin Hill Learjet 75 £ 6,450
Tue 29 May 2018 Biggin Hill Gdansk, Poland Learjet 75 £ 5,900



Please note these flights are quoted/booked/operated using an empty sector/temporary base or linked flight from a previously booked charter. Should the principle charter cancel or change prior to departure the price will be recalculated and advised, the client will then have the option to cancel their charter or accept the new costs. All other normal terms and conditions apply.

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