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Zenith Aviation looks to further Learjet purchases and gain significant growth in 2018

Zenith Aviation has announced that it is expecting significant growth in 2018 after enjoying a record year of flying, up 35% in hours flown, compared to 2016. The aviation business has gained industry attention since it purchased two Learjet75s from Bombardier in 2016, and is the only company to station its Learjet75s in the UK at its hangar in Biggin Hill.


Following their success, the purchase of two more Learjet75s was announced in August this year. The aircraft have been acquired from Bombardier with the first scheduled to arrive in February 2018, solidifying the businesses position as a major player in the private charter sphere.


Stuart Mulholland, Managing Director of Zenith Aviation commented: “Our existing Learjet75s have exceeded our wildest expectations in the level of activity generated so we are hoping that the new aircraft can maintain this trend. Our business is synonymous with the Learjet brand and the Lear75 is the latest iteration of this iconic design. We are certainly interested in adding more aircraft to our fleet.”


Commenting on the appeal of the Learjet he added: “The 75 has taken the product to the next level in terms of cabin amenity and comfort whilst retaining its ‘film star’ looks and class leading performance. The traditional double club four seating is also extremely appealing and it is noticeable that, compared to other types in the fleet, for passengers traveling in higher numbers, the Learjet is the aircraft of choice.”   


He went on to say that the aircraft that Zenith is currently considering are typically longer range, enabling them to develop a presence in a new area of the charter market. After building increasingly strong relationships with charter brokers and their activity in the short range market, this will mark an exciting challenge for the business which was purchased by Markerstudy Group in 2011.  

Stuart concluded: “Based on our experience throughout 2017, I would have to say that the market looks extremely buoyant, with significantly higher levels of activity than that of previous years and hopefully this trend will continue as we move into the New Year.


Zenith Aviation marked its end of year success with a VIP private party, hosted in conjunction with Bombardier at the Bombardier hangar in Biggin Hill, where guests were wowed by the cast of Les Miserables, a champagne reception and a festive three course dinner.       


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