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Zenith Aviation continues to expand and show excellence in the field of Bombardier MRO product support

Since Markerstudy acquired Zenith Aviation, formerly known as Perfect Aviation, in September 2013, the company has become one of the market leaders in the maintenance field.

At the time of acquisition, the company was operating two Learjet 45 aircraft with a small EASA Part 145 and Part M department to service the business’ own requirements. Below is an overview of Zenith Aviation’s growth from Aaron Hughes, Director of Maintenance, and how this has been achieved.


In 2015 Aaron Hughes took the post holder positions within the Part 145 and Part M to manage the two fleet aircraft.

Due to its increasing success, by October, the company’s fleet had increased to four Learjet 45s, two Citation XLS’, and a Challenger 604. During this time, to become more self-sufficient and to continue to develop into a ‘one stop shop’ facility, the business increased its Part 145 Base Maintenance capability and Part M capability to include the new variants. It also added the Bombardier Challenger 300 to the Part 145 and introduced a C14 Wheel Bay and C5 Battery Shop approvals.


By September, the company had entered Maintenance contracts with two further Citation XLS’, three Challenger 300 aircraft as well as the acquisition of two new Learjet 75s (now a total of four). This bought the maintenance portfolio to 14. These were all repeat customers who enjoyed a boutique service from a maintenance facility that was also an Operator and understood precisely what was expected by customers whose businesses depend on reliable and expert support.

In December, Aaron departed and became the Operations Manager for the third largest aircraft manufacturer, opening the new UK London based MRO for the Bombardier BAS network. He was exposed to a client base of some 1,700 aircraft within Europe and started with just five technicians. However despite the backing of a large network, he knew his strength lay with a business in which individuals can make a difference.

Whilst taking delivery of two new Learjet 75 aircraft from Wichita, I was fortunate to be considered for a position with Bombardier to open a new facility at London Biggin Hill Airport. With considerate thought I accepted to see how far I could push myself and to further expose myself to the pace of a Blue Chip company. It was a hard decision to leave as Zenith Aviation was being recognised as an excellent service provider. I was proud of the talented team I’d built around me and knew customers would be in good hands; you always feel responsible for their future experience once you’ve moved on.

I spent two years at Bombardier and gained valuable exposure to how the business operates and the eclectic network of systems and departments. The experience has made me an effective maintenance provider and ambassador for Bombardier products, whether it be with the OEM or as an independent MRO.

When I got the opportunity to return to Zenith Aviation I jumped at the chance bringing with me more knowledge and experience to share with our customers. It showed me scopes of work that most small MRO’s would never consider with evolutions like ADS-B out modification, complete interior refinishing and so on. Here at Zenith Aviation, we have worked closely with providers to develop an incredibly competitive OEM supported ADS-B solution and have incorporated a number of airframes now including fleet operators such as Ryanair who have a huge dependency for these aircraft to support their 400 plus fleet of commercial aircraft.

Our own current fleet of Learjet aircraft is the largest in Europe and as such we have certainly become the experts and a centre for excellence. We have a 100% customer satisfaction and repeat business, mostly from large operators, and on a regular basis we now maintain some 21 Learjet 40, 45 and 75 aircraft as well as the addition of two challenger 300 and 604 aircraft. This all stems back to our core staff having worked together for nearly 20 years. We have seen a significant increase in warranty valid aircraft seeking maintenance support from us purely based on the peace of mind we provide.

This of course is not just limited to Learjets. We have extensive experience in the Challenger 300/600 series aircraft having regularly supported one of the largest operators of both products in Line and AOG events over the years. We are now also able to support the Global BD700 platform and have incredibly talented team members with many years of experience with the product in AOG and Base events including 120 month inspections and large modification like KA Band and DU875 and our aim for 2019 is to take full advantage of this capability and provide AOG and dedicated Line Support for the Global platform.

For me, aircraft maintenance is a passion. It’s made easier by the people you have around you with the skill set to deliver quality work. When developing the team, I pay significant attention to their passion, delivery, tenacity and effort. Everything else can be learnt.

If quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction from an independent boutique MRO who rely on their customers returning does not ultimately prevail over volume and global domination strategies from the OEM facilities, then I have got it wrong. But I sense not.”



Customer Comments:

We are just back at STN after flying BQH-PIK-STN with no defects. Once again, I would just like to thank you and the guys for a great job done. There was a lot of work on that aircraft and for you to have it completed and ready to support the Ryanair fleet in time for the busy Easter weekend is to be commended. Working with you all at Zenith during the heavy checks has been a pleasure over the last few months and I’m looking forward to continuing that with our day to day CAMO activities as well.

Many thanks and well done again,


David Bones|Learjet Technical Operations Manager|Engineering



“Redstar Aviation, based in Istanbul, Türkiye, solely providing air ambulance services with her fixed wing fleet consisting of four Learjet45XR Aircraft. Zenith Aviation has been a key service provider for Redstar in the field of MRO services for Learjet45XR aircraft. Redstar have always relied on the capabilities of Zenith Aviation and continuously received most professional and reliable services from Mr. Aaron Hughes, Director of Maintenance and his most skilled and dedicated team. We endorse Zenith Aviation as a trusted partner for our organization and have the greatest pleasure in recommending them for all aspects of one’s MRO needs.”

Mr. Emre Dursun

CEO Redstar Aviation