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Travel Guide: Preveza by Private Jet

Flying by private jet to Preveza and surrounding towns such as Parga and Lefkas is easy with the nearby Preveza Aktio airport. Read on for more details about the area, and chartering a private jet to get there.

What’s to experience in Preveza?

Untouched by mass tourism, Preveza is located on the North West coast of Greece. With 60km of stunning coastline, the area boasts gorgeous unspoilt beaches, exciting nightlife and incredible history – from Byzantine monasteries to Venetian castles.

Many who travel to the area visit and stay in Parga or Lefkas. These beautiful fishing towns are almost as they were a century ago. You will find olive groves that roll down towards the beaches, whilst further inland the Vikos National Park has gorges, rivers and caves to explore for those who wish to escape the heat.

With its multi-coloured buildings and narrow, whitewashed streets set on the arc of a bay, Parga offers a real picture postcard feel. Overlooked by a picturesque castle, the town is one of Greece's finest unheard of destinations.

As well as typical Greek tavernas to enjoy the views from, there are a small number of stylish wine bars to enjoy into the evening too. Food-wise, highlights include Christos, Castello and Romantica which compete with eateries anywhere in Greece.

Parga is a great base from which to rent a sailing boat and discover the Ionia Islands, such as Corfu. Or, just enjoy drifting on the peaceful Adriatic Sea.

The island of Lefkas – accessible by a narrow causeway – is one of few Greek islands you can actually drive to. Despite this, it remains unaffected by the overpopulation of tourists with untouched beaches.

Preveza has a lot to offer itself though. The favoured beach of Kanali has white sand and crystal clear water, as well as a beach bar and changing rooms. Once you’ve had enough of the beach, there are dolphin and  sightseeing tours available.

Alternatively, look up to the 410 step climb to the monument of Zalongo, built to commemorate the Dance of Zalongo, a mass suicide of women and children in 1803. This tragic story and the incredible view will take your breath away.

You will also find the ancient site of Nekopolis where Octavius defeated Antony and Cleopatra in 31BC. The once mighty fortress now lies in ruins, but the walls, theatre, Roman baths and aqueducts can still be seen.

The season is April to September, with temperatures ranging from 23ºc to 32ºc in the height of summer.


Private jet charter to Preveza

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