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Citation M2 added to the Zenith Aviation fleet

We are pleased to announce that the Zenith Aviation fleet has expanded, with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently approving our AOC capabilities to include the fantastic Cessna Citation M2. This smaller jet complements our existing Learjet fleet, managing to punch above its weight with its impressive range and efficiency.



DOWNLOAD: View the full specification of our latest arrival.


The addition of the 2014 Citation M2 has also been an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we can do more than manage our own fleet – the plane’s owner has entrusted Zenith with the chartering aspects so they can get best value out of ownership.

Stuart Mulholland, our Managing Director, commented on the news, saying,

“Developing charter sales is key to the growth of the business and we’re delighted to bring on board the M2. Not only does this give more choice to customers, whilst upholding our high standards, it also showcases our expertise in chartering client’s aircraft.”


A balance of luxury and efficiency

The Citation M2 is the perfect choice for shorter flights, allowing comfortable seating for up to 4 people in its class-leading interior.

Customers benefit from that same luxury private jet experience you would expect from any other Zenith Aviation flight, in a more affordable package. The club configuration offers tables and storage, and there is an enclosed WC with sink. Together with the stunning mink and dark ebony wood fittings, the Citation M2 has practicality, comfort and luxury taken care of.


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